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Dogo Dash Card Game


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Card game for 2 to 5 players of all ages! 10 to 20 min of gameplay for one match and lots of fun!

Dogo Dash is very easy to play. It is a round-based card game, and each player chooses one card from their hand. After saying DO-GO DASH all players show their chosen cards at the same time. Easy, right?


All players (2 to 5) should pick 4 cards from the stack to start the game. This is their hand.

They choose one card to play and show at the same time. The strongest card wins. All cards played become the winner’s points and go to a separate mount. One card = one point.

Everyone should fill up their hand to 4 cards before the next round. If there is a tie between two or more players, they must play their hands until the winner is defined, no filling up with new cards. If the hands are empty, then the round is over and the points are shared between the tied players.
Gameplay flow:

Draw cards -> Choose card -> Play card -> Define winner -> Get points -> Draw cards

Strength of the cards:

Cookie wins against Dog and Bear
Bear wins against Dog and Cat
Dog only wins over Cat
Cat only wins over Cookie
If there is a Cat and a Cookie in the same round, Cat is the winner, whatever the other cards on the table are! – except for Good Boys!
Good Boys force ties. No matter what was played, Good Boys are making everyone play another round! If Good Boys are played during a tie (a tie within a tie), then only the players in the tie keep playing.

Character count:

4 Good Boys
4 Cookies
12 Bears
18 Dogs
22 Cats

The special rules

A Catnip occurs when you have a handful of cats. You can choose to call a Catnip and instead of playing the round, you get your four cats as points. Even if a Good Boy is played!

A dogo dash occurs when you have two dogs in hand (Good Boys are not dogs), and you play the first and lose the round. You can use the second dog to “rescue” your dog and both of them become points. You have to be fast, otherwise, the winner will not give your dog back!

Again, Good Boys don’t count as dogs.

All cats are beautiful.

By playing Dogo Dash, you can stay alert and see which cards have been played. When you know that character quantities vary, you can use it in your favor and choose the right card at the right time.

For instance: if you paid attention to how many Cookies were played, you can win the last pot with a cat, which is the character beaten by most cards, but wins against Cookie.
Last round

The last round can be decisive since all players chose one last card to play and the rest of the cards in their hands go to the middle of the table. The winner gets all cards in the pot!


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